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The Almanack Features:

»  THE CHRISTMAS TRUCE OF 1914: The improbable story of cease-fires between British and German forces in Flanders leading to fraternization and football in No Man's Land  

»  THE BATTLE OF ATLANTA › TODAY: The revised edition of our popular documentary that tracks this epic Civil War battle within the context of the modern-day city  

»  OUT ON THE FRONTIER—OF NEW ENGLAND: Review & history inspired by Richard Melvoin's: "New England Outpost: War & Society in Colonial Deerfield"  

»  THE AMERICAN GODDESS: Images of the feminized Liberty appear in many places and in many forms across America & its history: flags, seals, sculpture & more  

»  THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY: A history of the roadway beneath one of the country's great drives & a literary translation of one really great drive  

»  TO JAMES AGEE, Permit Me Homage: Some inspirational riffing on a work of short fiction and verse by the great (underappreciated) author & critic  

»  GETTYSBURG › A Narrative Documentary: Honoring the 150th commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg (2013), a long-form 1993 narrative-tour published here for the first time  

In Frame  ›  Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church / Baltimore, MD
Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church / Baltimore, MD